Honeycomb is pleased to announce our partnership with Dibdesk, the first app-based workplace and totally autonomous office.  Dibdesk owns and operates boutique locations in Seattle's downtown core. With the first location now open and two more scheduled for Q1 2022, the company is expanding quickly to offer most flexible work experience across multiple locations through the use of Honeycomb technology.

Honeycomb is providing the technological backbone to manage:

  • Users/membership: Sign-up, management & payment
  • Communications: Membership communications and notifications
  • Access control: App/location based access control
  • Amenities: Reservation of amenities across multiple locations
  • Guests: Guest invitations and location level access rights
  • Data: Analysis of space utilization patterns

Think of this operation as the Lime of office. You walk up to a ground-level location scan the QR code, become a member and within three minutes you have an office you can call your own. Honeycomb manages the entire process and experience form beginning to end with a few tricks in between.

  • Honeycomb constantly monitors the location through a combination of sensors, cameras and system events to make sure that only subscribers and their guests are in the space
  • The entire office experience is automated giving users the ultimate control of how and when they use it
  • Honeycomb delivers analytics on usage by location and user to understand the highest value potential customers to refine marketing outreach programs

If you are in the Seattle area, or would just like to check out the app, please visit the Apple's App Store (or click HERE) or the Google Play Store (or click HERE) and download the application.