Honeycomb is pleased to announce the launch of v2.0 of its parking system. The system was designed to:

  1. Work with existing infrastructure (gates, loops, kiosks, etc.)
  2. Be easy & intuitive to use by both onsite management and tenants/users
  3. Reduce carbon footprint of a building
  4. Bring next level functionality to traditional parking - share parking, sell back spots, etc.
  5. Have a direct impact in increasing NOI of the building day one
  6. Manages visitors
  7. Run a building parking system without the need of a parking management company

Well the good news is we have accomplished what we have set out to do. We have created a parking system that:

  • Provides extreme resolution on how a parking garage is utilized
  • Offers opportunities to either increase the number of parkers that can utilize an existing garage  by on average 30%
  • Feeds data into building data silo to be correlated with other usage patterns of the building - primarily optimizing HVAC utilization based on when people are actually there
  • Increase parking revenues by as much as 25% in a win-win situation - tenants get more access to parking and building gets more income

Honeycomb Parking is just one of the many features of the Honeycomb platform. When parking is fully integrated into a building's operations it can have a profound effect on how it operates and its earning capacity.