With the onslaught of the COVID-19 virus and with so many of us being ill-prepared for what has transpired, we thought we would summarize some of the communication tactics that we feel have been effective to date when relaying information to tenants/customers/building users:

  1. Start communicating early, however it is never too late start
    The most effective way to communicate is to do it early and often.  We have seen  many buildings get caught in the trap of crafting the perfect message only to find they have squandered the opportunity to be at the forefront of a situation.  Break-down your communications into smaller bite sizes and alter the message as the situation evolves.

  2. Provide relevant information
    When crafting a communication make it relevant to the audience.  We realize that many buildings do not have a system like Honeycomb that allows for communications to be delivered by segmented groups (every building user vs. tenant administrators for example), so be sure to try and make your message applicable to everyone who might see it within a tenant.

  3. Keep the conversation going
    Communication is not about making a statement and then thinking you are finished.  Keep the conversation going by making it interactive, for example poll your tenants/users for information (like how long they plan to work form home), give them a way to reach out you in case they have questions - generally make them aware that you are there for them in this time of uncertainty.

We realize these are trying times for everyone so please stay safe - we will all get through this together.