Flexibility is the Future

Honeycomb is proud to be the base building co-working system for St Paul Place (SPP) in Downtown Dallas. SPP had a third-party co-working operator in the building since early 2019, but unfortunately the did not succeed as originally intended. Instead of finding a new operator to take over the operation, building ownership decided to leverage Honeycomb's Flex platform to run the operation themselves. There are many operational elements required to run an efficient co-working operation, but the most important is the day-to-day interactions with the tenants. Honeycomb's Flex manages everything after the the lease is signed - collecting rent, remitting invoices, managing access & parking, amenities and communications.

In addition, SPP is using Flex to manage their flexible office suites. These are spec suites that are fully furnished and internet enabled and are meant to appeal to organizations that want turn-key creative office for shorter durations (<1 year). Flex in this situation, allows the building to quickly onboard tenant users and have them up and running inn their space in as little as 24 hrs.

While you are here,  we would also remind you that we also have built a version of Honeycomb to run a fully autonomous office in Seattle called Dibdesk. You can read more about that operation HERE