As we all navigate through these uncertain times, there is one thing that we can count on for certain and that is there will be a "new" normal in the way office buildings & tenants operate. It is difficult to know what those changes will look like, but now is the time to look forward at how this pandemic will impact your near and long term operating strategies.  The following is a short list of trends we foresee:

  1. Operational pliability becomes critical
    How companies organize themselves and their work forces is going to evolve.  To meet the coming changes, building owners must adapt and become more operationally pliable. We at Honeycomb believe that empowering tenants to independently manage their workforce's interactions with their work environment is a critical first step.  We have been evangelizing the movement towards giving tenants the power to onboard and remove users at will and have all of their associated credentials (building access, parking, amenity usage, etc.) follow suit.  Empowering tenants to manage their building users alleviates the operational burden for both the tenant and property management and allows tenants to more swiftly meet their operational objectives.
  2. Data is the next frontier
    Understanding how your building is being used and by whom is critical in understanding the health of your building and your tenants.  As the tenant uses evolve, it is important to measure the impact of those changes over time.  By understanding the data you will have a higher degree of confidence in your decision making process.  Our IOTA platform, aggregates the various data sources within your building (parking, access, energy, etc.) into one console that proactively interprets the correlations to identify opportunities for insight and efficiency gains.
  3. Supporting your tenant's business needs will be a requirement and an opportunity
    As current and future tenants reshape their organizations, they will need easier access to business related services that support operations.  This concept permeates at many levels within an organization, it could be as simple as a building offering instantaneous turn up times for internet connectivity, to  marketing smaller suites for lease that do not include conference/huddle rooms  and make those available on a shared basis, or helping tenants identify various vendors to help re-shape their space needs (furniture, security, cabling, etc.).  Providing resources to your tenants that help them through their operational changes makes you a partner in their business.  Honeycomb provides tenants the ability to identify and consume services through its platform.
  4. Communicating effectively with your building is a must
    A building is a community and communicating effectively with its constituents in a time of crisis has proven to be an important ability.  Messaging should be varied, humanized and reach beyond just tenant administrators.  Being relevant in a tenant's eyes is not just about communicating with a small subset of users, it is about keeping everyone informed of what is going on and how it will impact their work environment.  Honeycomb's omni-channel communication protocol makes it easy to create communications get them to the desired audience in the way they want to consume it.

Honeycomb is an office building management platform, that offers console control of your community, infrastructure and the services within your building.  T