Back 2 Work Program - COVID Testing as a Criteria for Access

As part of our Back 2 Work Program, Honeycomb is pleased to announce our Partnership with My Labs Direct. This partnership enables companies to create a program to safely bring employees back to work - quickly and efficiently. The program is made up of two parts which are married together through Honeycomb.


My Labs Direct is able to customize a testing program to meet the needs of any tenant big or small. The program centers around rapid PCR tests (the most accurate test available) and can be administered in person or through by having the tests drop shipped to employees. The recommended course is to have all empoyees tested at home to create a baseline. Once a baseline of active cases has been established, continue testing on a weekly basis. My Labs Direct accepts all major insurance carriers.

Testing as a Criteria for Access Control

With a testing program in place, Honeycomb manages access control for employees by limiting access of those employees that have not been tested within a given time period or test positive. For the employee, they can quickly check on their access staus, order a test and review results. all from the Honeycomb App. Honeycomb provides this program in three versions:

  1. A basic application that uses a green, yellow red system of notification that can be presented to a designated monitor
  2. An application that integrates into the onsite access control system. In this model the application is used for fobless access control with covid testing and results being additional criteria for access control
  3. As an add-on to the full Honeycomb application. Any deployment of Honeycomb may add the Back 2 Work Program directly into the application as an added feature

What does it Take to Deploy the Honeycomb Access Control System?

Honeycomb's access control system is an easy to deploy. The system can be added in conjunction with an existing access control system and run in parallel adding theBack 2 Work Program or we would be happy to provide you with our proprietary system. In either case our system is extremely cost effective and can be added at the suite, building or portfolio levels.

The following is a short overview video of the Back 2 Work Program