A New Version for a New Age of Flexibility and Functionality

We are proud to announce the latest release of the Honeycomb platform. With this version we have tackled some of the most daunting functionality that we have been contemplating for years. From an aesthetics perspective, we have vastly improved the user interface both on the application and on the portals, making the both an amazing experience. From a functionality perspective we have added the following features:


We have added several new features that include increased capabilities to optimize parking and gain +30% better usage. In addition we have added support for HID, RFID, Toll Tags in addition to further enhancing the capabilities of our license plate recognition system. We have also  added several new types of parking to the system, primarily multi-use and flex parking.

Access Control

We have expanded the criterium for access control. Essentially we have unencumbered access control and allowed any criteria to be associate with a user gaining access. Some of the criterai that can be added are - time, testing results, day of the week, unique opens, etc..

Payment Logic

Payment features were a big area of focus for this release. We know enable logic which allows different charges to be associated to different payees based on the type of good or service being consumed. For instance parking can now be paid at the individual level or associated to an organization based on subscription type.

Energy Monitoring

Energy monitoring took a small step forward with this release with small upgrades being made to enhanced data collection accuracy.

IOT Device Upgrade

We have now made the Honeycomb "box" dead simple to deploy. Once installed all a technician needs to do is scan the QR code, choose a location, the function and the system automatically downloads the pertinent software and configures itself. We now support lighting controls and network monitoring in addition to screen/content management, door & elevator control and environmental monitoring.

Platform Architecture

The single largest upgrade to Honeycomb as part of this release was to transition to a fully server-less architecture which reduces operating cost and provides enhanced security.

We are very proud of this release. If you would like to discuss or hear more, please feel free to reach out.