Industrial real estate generally requires a high degree of ovesight of a high turnover workforce. Easily manage facility users and the secuirty of your site.

Religious Centers
Training Facilities

With short-term users needing to be quickly brought up to speed on facility operations and granted access permissions, Honeycomb provides an effective solution. In addition we can handle bookings, payments if required and communications with the trainee.

Fitness Centers

Communication, reservations, payment collection and access control are critical to the operation of a modern fitness facility. We can help.


Facilities that have defined user groups (grades/students/parents) can harness the power of Honeycomb for effictive communication at the grade level and an access control system that is so much easier to manage.

Parking Garages

Honeycomb can autonomously manage one or more garages, collect payments and manage visitors. The platform can also optimize parking for higher utilization (more parking availability) and higher income potential.

Multi-family projects

Providing an easy-to-use environment is critical to developing a long-term relationship with tenants. Provide everything in one place - access, parking, payment, services and communications.

Construction Sites
Multiple office locations

If you are managing users across multiple office locations, provide them the flexibility of easily being able to access them and provide them the ability to reserve resources like conference rooms and desks.

Single Office Location
Office Buildings
Higher Education
Co working

Running a coworking operation seems like a daunting task, managing one that integrates into the entire building experience would seem even more so. With Honeycomb you can have your own coworking location or you can integrate into a 3rd party operation - either way, we make it easy to make it a seamless experience for all tenants of a building. We handle rent, payment processing, access control and parking