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Honeycomb's software hub unifies building technologies into single application that is mobile, user friendly and easy to manage.

Honeycomb provides console control over every aspect of a building's environment across one or many locations. Make an impact by delivering operational excellence and an unsurpassed user experience.

Built by property managers and owners for property managers and owners.

User Management


Access Control

Parking Management

Amenity Management

Payment Processing

Data Insights



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Single Seamless Building Platform
One Platform + One App to  Control It All

A single management solution for all a building's technology that simplifies user interactions with your  business.

Operational Flexibility - Buildings
Operational Flexibility

Adjust operations in real-time to meet business or operational goals. Need to add more parking? Want to add a new technology or service? Need to raise rates? Want to automate? No problem.

Monetize Building Operations

Enable payments  for services like parking, conference rooms, connectivity, etc.. Invoicing and payments are automated so

Data Driven Buildings
Data driven performance gains

Honeycomb gathers data from each integrated system and analyzes for correlations. All correlations are then tested to understand potential impact building to building operations.

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Honeycomb Features

Honeycomb powers buildings  to take control of their operations and provide an easy-to-use experience, and a highly effiecient operation


Our unified communications platform makes creating and distributing rich content to every user simple and intuitive. Engaged users are happy users.

Smart Building Technology

Monitor and manage building systems through a single control panel for one or many locations. Optimize energy consumption through operational control and dat driven insights.

Intelligent Parking

Our integrated parking system optimizes building parking usage, unlocks real-time revenue generating opportunities through tireless data .

Space as a Service

As tenants seek greater flexibility, building owners need to be able to adapt in real-time and deliver a functional, yet easy to use spaces on demand.

Access Control

Simplify operations in one or across multiple locations - manage users, their credentials and the use of an an organization’s physical infrastructure.

Optimize NOI

Collecting and understanding data across your portfolio is important. Honeycomb can simplify these processes to create  actionable metrics that raise revenue and/or reduce cost.

New Service:
Criteria based access control for COVID

Our partnership with My Labs Direct enables COVID criteria tobe factor in permitting access

See video overview

Turn Key Technology

Honeycomb is a fully featured platform that uses a combination of proprietary software & hardware and industry leading services to provide a best-in-class technology stack to meet the needs of the most demanding of environments.

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The User Experience

The App

The way that the majority of users interact with Honeycomb is through  our application. The application allows users to open doors, reserve amenities, pay for goods and services, check on parking availability, receive communications and so much more.

By consolidating all of the features of a building into one place and making them easily accessible, users are empowered to do the things they need to do.

Our application is easily white labelled at two levels to meet all of your branding requirements. Get your own app in the app store and start changing the way users think about your building.

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90,000 sf class A creative office
Full deployment
Manufacturing District
Dallas, TX
2,500 sf autonomous office
Full deployment (less: parking)
Capital Hill
Seattle, WA
23,000 co-working location
Full deployment
St Paul Place
Dallas, TX
273,000 sf class A office tower
Full deployment
St Paul Place
Dallas, TX
152,000 sf showroom development
Full deployment (less: parking)
The International
Dallas, TX

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