Asked Questions

Common Questions

Q: How long does it take to get up and running on Honeycomb?
A single deployment of Honeycomb usually takes less than a week. That being said, we find that most deployments take about an additional two weeks to make sure that all stakeholders are comfortable with the platform. We take great pride in how we deploy the platform and be assured we will walk you through each step of the process.

Q: Where is our data stored and how is it used?
Honeycomb takes great strides to protect your privacy and data. All data in the system is anonymized within the system so there is no way to track any information back to a person. All payment information is housed within Stripe and is inaccessible to us our the Honeycomb platform.

Q: If we are tenant in a building that has Honeycomb do we have to pay?
Tenants of buildings that use Honeycomb do not have pay for the Honeycomb service - you get all of the benefits at no cost. If you would like to add access control, there is a nominal installation charge for our equipment.

Q: Does Honeycomb only work for office buildings?
No Honeycomb can be used in any real estate asset class - multi-family, industrial, institutional, etc.. Or it can be used at one office or retail location. Honeycomb is fully customizable and was built to be modular so it can scale to largest operations but also meet the needs of smaller companies.

Q: Does Honeycomb work for a company that has one or more office locations?
Yes. Honeycomb is built for one or hundreds of locations. What makes Honeycomb great is that a users' credentials can be determined at the location or door level. In addition, users can see and reserve resources across multiple locations, like conference rooms, and reserve them through the mobile application.

Access Control & Parking

Q: Do we need to replace our current access control system to use Honeycomb's faubless  system?
The short answer is no. We built Honeycomb to run in parallel with most existing access control systems. In the case of an existing access control system, we honestly believe that a transition period to Honeycomb is a the optimal course of action.

Q: If we have a parking management company, can we still use them?
Of course! We actually make parking management much easier for the a parking management company. That being said you will likely paying them to do nothing.

Q: Do we have to replace our existing parking access system to use Honeycomb?
No absolutely not. Honeycomb integrates with most license plate recognition, HID, RFID and Toll tag systems. So, we can usually use the system you already have in place or we happy to provide an upgrade.

Communications & Amenity Management

Q: How do communications work?
Honeycomb is an omni-channel communication system that transmits messages to users where and where they want it - email, SMS, app notifications, #slack, etc.. In addition, our communication system

Q: Does Honeycomb manage payments?
Yes, Honeycomb incorporates a very robust payment logic system that allows processes payments for  different services that can be charged to users and to tenants based on the good or service. For instance, parking can either be charged to the user of the tenant based on pre defined standards.

Q: What types of amenities can Honeycomb manage?
With Honeycomb the options are infinite. Essentially, any resource whether it be a conference room, storage locker, Peleton bike can be  created and offered to users to be reserved and if desired, paid for.

Pricing Plans

Q: Can I trial Honeycomb before paying?
Sure! You can test out Honeycomb on our free plan and experiment with adding users and resources. We will set you up with a test account and you can see how easy it is to manage and use.

Q: What kind of support does Honeycomb provide?
For all paid accounts we offer email and phone support. We are always reachable if you have a problem or a question. In fact, we pride ourselves in being part of your team and will often check-in or proactively reach out to you with new ideas on how to make your users' experience exceptional and/or how you can improve your operations.

Q: What do you charge for credit card processing?
Honeycomb charges the typical 2.95% plus a 0.5% transactional fee for the processing of credit cards.