Honeycomb's Operating Platform v6.0 has Arrived!

June 19, 2023

Announcing: Honeycomb’s Operating Platform v.6 Release

At Honeycomb, we're passionate about continually advancing our technology to enhance the way owners manage and tenants experience commercial real estate buildings. Today, we're thrilled to unveil our latest platform release: Honeycomb Operating Platform v.6.0. Packed with a slew of updated features and improvements, this new version is all about providing more speed, clarity, and seamless interaction for property owners and managers.

⭐ A Revamped User Interface

The v.6.0 release sees a significant makeover of the user interface. We have fine-tuned both the app and portal interfaces to not only make them more visually appealing but also to ensure that every user experience is nothing short of amazing. We have also worked on improving performance and refining the UI/UX. It now looks sleeker and runs much faster.

⭐ Streamlined Security and Access

We've taken a deep dive into our security and access functionality, making behind-the-scenes enhancements to provisioning, stability, and the ease of implementation. The result is a more efficient and reliable security system that is simpler to use.

⭐ Visitor Management

Managing guests is now a breeze with our new visitor management feature. Now visitors can be granted temporary access and parking credentials, enable optional check-in at the security desk, and tenants receive real-time notifications upon guest arrivals.

⭐ Real-time Payment Processing

Our revamped payment processing system now can process real-time transactions via the parking kiosk. This update makes kiosk transactions quicker and smoother for all users.

⭐ Event Management

Planning building events? Our new event management feature offers a content management system (CMS) for building events. Users can RSVP, and events will appear in the main content feed.

⭐ MealMe Integration

We have introduced MealMe, a full-service food ordering system that integrates with major providers such as Doordash, Uber Eats, Favor, and Postmates. Now, ordering food is just a few taps away!

⭐ Enhanced Analytics

We have boosted our backend to enhance performance, introduced data versioning, and offer flexible reporting configurations. This upgrade significantly improves reporting on parking, access/occupancy, energy, and payments.

⭐ Additional Features

Our app now offers improved content filtering in the feed and an easy switch between logins for multi-building users. There are also real-time in-app branding updates.

🎯 The Road Ahead…

We are already working on our next batch of new features and increased functionality. Expect upcoming releases to include a marketplace to offer products/services, Quickbooks integration for payment processing, and significant energy saving features that will reduce HVAC air-turns based on advanced usage patterns.

We're excited about the new capabilities that Honeycomb Operating Platform v.6.0 brings to managing building operations and tenant experience. We continue to strive towards revolutionizing commercial real estate and the PropTech industry and can't wait for our customers to experience these new features and improvements.

If you are a building owner, property manager or just interested in learning more about Honeycomb and our innovative technology, reach out and schedule a call. 

We love showing off Honeycomb and our vision for revolutionizing the commercial real estate industry.

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